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Websites to Watch

Jennifer Weiner is the talented author behind the novels "Good in Bed" and "In Her Shoes".

Susan Brackney has written a  two great guides for  artistic folks entitled: "The Lost Soul Companion" and "The Not So Lost Soul Companion".

Gala Moseevsky is a graphic artist and fashion designer at one. Author's artwork galleries suite: sketches, drawings, geometry shapes, embroidery ornaments, colored graphics. Her creativity illustrates how art and fashion can be mutually beneficial.

Identity Fashions is a couture boutique located in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis, MN.

Angela Nissel wrote the "The Broke Diaries" and is currently writing for the hit NBC television show "Scrubs".

666records is an indie label with attitude!
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Featured Profile: Doug Tanoury- Poet/Writer 

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Noah Dahlien-Classical Singer

Becca Sanborn-Musician/Piano Technician

Richard Knox-Metal Artist

Shel Horowitz-Writer   

Dan Zevin-Writer

Randi Peyser-Author/Editor/Performer 

DC Barns-Wannabe Filmmaker

Carol Pentleton-Digital Artist


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