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Randi Peyser

Author, Editor and Performer

Randi's websites: 

Crappy to Happy and Randi Peyser


Q. When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?

A. I stole my first book at age three when I walked out of a store with one in my hand. Showing little remorse, I even claimed to have bought it myself when my parents asked me where it had come from. Ever since, I've had a love affair with the written word. So far, it's been a longer lasting affair then any of my other relationships.

Q. What is your typical workday like?

I work from 8AM til around 3PM or until whenever my hands fall off. First I plow through about a million emails, then I work on whatever projects are in front of me that I actually get paid for.

After that, I spend my time working on my silk which I am establishing as an adjunct career, or other creative endeavors like my drums.

I also get myself out to networking events ALL the time. If you're a freelancer, you MUST market yourself and set up strategic alliances with specific businesses who can "feed" you business. For example, I receive most of my clients as referrals from one particular PR firm.

Q. What are some of the sacrifices that you have made for your career?

A. No retirement plan, benefits or steady income. Oy!

Q. What is the most important thing that you hope to gain out of your career?

A. Outside of money and fame? I hope to have helped others to lead better lives or feel better about themselves and their journey through their lives. I consistently make people laugh or provide comfort through my work, my words and my being.

Q. What advice do you have for writers at the beginning of their careers?

A. Only do it if you love it. If you love it, keep on doing it. Allow your writing to unfold by not squashing it to death with self-criticism.

Join writing circles or start your own and give one another feedback in the following form: First have each person read a piece. At the end of their piece, first say: "These are the strengths of your piece." Then let them know what you liked about it. After that, say, "this is what I think needs strengthening," or "this part feels a little weak to me"...then let them know what part feels weak.

We're all fragile little beings at heart, so giving and receiving feedback can feel scary unless you set guidelines like the ones above.

Q. Where do you see yourself in five years?

A. Within 5 years I am on the New York Times Best Seller List. Also, can someone say, "Oprah?" Yes! I can!!! : )

Q. Who are some of your role models and why?

A. Oprah is one of my role models because she is dedicated to improving the lives of others and is visible in her way of doing so.

Q. How do you manage your social life vs. your professional life?

I perform in churches, bookstores, business orgs, doing my comedy about life, relationships, the New Age, and all kinds of things that we humans put ourselves through. My professional and social lives are often intertwined, as audience members become friends quite easily...It helps to set a schedule as in, "days are for work, and nights are for play."

Q. What inspires you?

A.  Nature inspires me. Suffering inspires me. Joy inspires me. Painting on silk  inspires me. Sitting by the bed of a dying person inspires me. Animals inspire me. (You get the idea!)

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