Receipes for an Artist's Pocketbook

by Alaina Alexander

Well, all that networking has paid off and you suddenly find yourself hosting other people in the business. Or maybe you are celebrating a triumph opening. Unfortunately, your bankbook  hasn't caught up to your newfound popularity.

Don't panic, it is possible to entertain on a budget and with very little effort. We have compiled a list of  basic recipes that are gentle on an artist's budget. Buffet style menus keep the costs down and are a great way for party guests to mingle with each other.

Baked Hot Sub Bar

Ingredients- Hoagie  or sub sandwich bread, shredded cheese, marinara sauce, mushrooms, sausage, beef, turkey or chicken. Cost- $20 Serves 4 people and more

Italian Salad

Ingredients- Romaine lettuce or spinach, olive oil,  shredded cheese (mozzarella, Swiss, asiago or provolone work the best) garlic pepper and cracked pepper. For non vegetarians add  seasoned grilled chicken. Cost- $20 Serves 4 people and more 

Pasta Bar

Ingredients- Instead of using the standard spaghetti noodles, try bowtie, penne, shells or gemeli pasta. Pasta, garlic, olive oil, marinara sauce, fresh green beans. Cost: $15  Serves 4 people and more

Potato Bar

Ingredients- Potatoes, bacon bits, butter garlic, sour cream etc. Cost: $25  Serves 4 people and more

Fruit bar

Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pears, apples  and or oranges.Cost: $25 Serves 4 people or more

Ice cream bar

Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry etc. Cost: $15 Serves 4 people and more


Have a stock a supply of water, soda and other non-alcoholic beverages on hand. Make sure guests now that they are to BYOB when it comes to alcoholic beverages.