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Lee Ann June

Dance, drawing, painting, anything


Q. When did you first become involved in dance?

A. My mom put me in dance when I was 3 years old because I was hyperactive. It work-gave me something to focus on.

Q. What are the benefits and challenges you have faced working with your friends?

A. I don't like to dictate- bark orders. And there's a time to work and a time to play and not everyone feels that way.

Q. What is a typical at work?

A. Well, I work at a print shop in the morning-but I don't love it so I'm usually 5-10 min. late. I hopefully get off at 1:00 grab a bite let the dog out and head to the studio. There Karyl and talk about the day before and I usually go do some choreography. I like to get a bunch of routines started and then go back and work on whatever music sounds fun that day. Around 3:15 pm the kids start rolling in. Just yesterday we were figuring how many kids we see a day, on average around 30 each ( so about a day) going through the studio. I try to putting the younger ones earlier in the day-when I have sanity. The older ones know I'm a dork once it hits about 7:00. My favorite part of the day is after classes-all the kids, parents and assistant have Karyl and I sit and have a cigarette and laugh about the day.

Q. What is your studio and workspace?

A. The studio is pretty basic big room mirrors cover one wall, stereo and desk in a corner. We added on a couple years ago ( when I was asserting) and built a second studio so we can run 2 classes at once.

Q. How do promote, market or publicize your business?

A. We rarely do-we've made a good reputation in the town and hopefully people like the product we put out.

Q. What advice to give to aspiring dance teachers or dancers, in general?

A. Patience- Love kids and what you're doing because kids see through the BS. And lots patience.


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