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Starra Andrews


Starra's website


Q. What  inspired the creation of your website?

A. I wanted to help striving actors like myself by interviewing other
actors  (at all different levels of their career) and asking them how they are
 making it with their "day jobs" and dealing with the financial and
creative pressures of pursuing a career in acting.

Q. What are some of the sacrifices that were made to establish yourself in your career?

A. I have yet to be professionally established!  However, I am still working as a receptionist in my mid-30's while my friends have started families and have houses.  I'm not sorry or ashamed that I am still doing an office job, because it allows me the opportunity of acting in theatre at night and showcasing myself as an actor.  When I make the connection with an agent, I will go back to temp work so I can have the freedom to audition for roles.

Q. What are some of the benefits and challenges to working as a

A. The benefits are tremendous.  I'm not content or happy unless I am involved in theatre.  It's part of me, it's in my blood.  So, I have to be true to myself and do what I love.  I could take a job with more responsibility,
but I wouldn't have the energy or focus left for my acting, and that won't
do. The challenges are again, living at a lower income (due to only doing
temp jobs) and keeping the faith and belief in myself strong, so that I can
keep going forward in my acting.

Q. What are some of the trends that you see occurring in show business in  the next five years?

 A. Speaking in Theatrical terms:  I see a resurgence of the old-fashioned
musical happening on Broadway, and I see women getting more involved in television and film (i.e. Lifetime, Oxygen, and WE networks)

Q. What advice do you have for  aspiring performers?

A. Keep going!  Believe me, if you truly know that you NEED to act, then
keep acting!  Even if it's in a little theatre, or on a commercial, keep
moving  forward.  Also, get some kind of occupation that can sustain you and at the same time allow you free time to audition and pursue an agent.  Usually, you are talented at something else BESIDES acting.  Cultivate that and have it sustain you financially while you pursue your craft.

Q. What are some of the biggest mistakes that aspiring performers make in the beginning of their careers?

A. Don't trust everyone!  There are quacks out there, especially in the
acting field.  If a director/producer asks you to do something that you know is dangerous (like a stunt) or you don't feel comfortable with, tell them. Don't be afraid of them.  Yes, people can help your career, but if you have to compromise your integrity, don't do it.  Trust your gut instincts. They will usually tell you if something's wrong.  Also, make sure (again)  that you have a way to make some kind of living while you pursue acting. That way you won't be stressed out about bills, and being able to afford dinner the next day!

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