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“Makin' Rent: An Artist’s Guide to Eating Well on a Budget”

by Alaina R. Alexander and Bridgitte CN Krupke

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  Once upon a time, Alaina R. Alexander and Bridgitte CN Krupke were struggling Liberal Arts Majors attending college in Santa Fe, NM. After graduating from college, they envisioned themselves dining in  expensive eateries and  sipping on premium vintage wine. Six months later, reality set in and so did the student loans, credit card payments and other unexpected expenses.  

Poorer but wiser, they  returned to their frugal ways and the result is their new cookbook entitled: “Makin' Rent: Eating Well on an Artist’s Budget”.

  This cookbook includes the following:

1) Delicious, affordable and simple recipes for: entrees, salads, desserts, snacks and beverages;

2) Suggestions for saving money in the grocery store;

3) Informative essays on: menu planning, building a pantry and successfully entertaining on a budget

"Makin' Rent: Eating Well on an Artist's Budget" is designed to suit the needs of beginning cooks with busy schedules and not a lot of cash to spend. It's perfect for "starving artists", college students and anyone else who seeking to eat well while on a budget.  ####