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Band Members

Kyle Skogen- Guitar
Jared Jenkins- Guitar
Chad Reynolds- Guitar and vocals
Jeff Mason-Drums
Kent Howard- Bass guitar



Q. What kind of music do you play?

A. Experimental rock and roll music.

Q. How did you all hook up?

A. Fate.

Q. What is like to book your own gigs?

A. It's difficult to say the least. It seems that the industry in general is more interested in who/what you know then in the way the music actually sounds, because it is so infused with good 'ol boy tactics, it becomes very valuable to look at your whole situation ( resources, potential, etc.) taking into account what the industry is already thinking you have the potential and aspirations, now you only have to outsmart those who believe it is their role to decide what does and does not become a part of music history. Fletch's example comes in handy here.

Q. How do you promote your band throughout the Twin Cities?

A. Internet, flyers, word of mouth, radio, concerts, etc.

Q. Where do you see the band going in 5 years?

A. A point where we can free ourselves enough to focus all of our energy into the music. Probably, playing all over the world. At least Europe, ya Europe and the US for sure.

Q. What do you think about the state of popular music?

A. It is all too formulated, just as in any exploitable form of expression, the influence of the competitive nature makes it virtually impossible to contribute to the progress of music without resorting to degenerative means. The emphasis within the industry is way too heavily decided by who you know and how well you can prostitute yourself/product/potential. The focus really strays from the whole point of the art form-- what sounds good to your ears, not whatever intellectualist, bureaucratic crap that you've crammed into your ears, but this shift of focus towards competition is only symptomatic of the momentum of marketability on society as a whole. It just seems that the point of music should be just that--music.

Q. What advice do you give to other people starting out?

A. Work hard and discipline yourself. Don't ever settle. Don't expect anything and you will never be disappointed. Nothing is given, but your potential to create something that will spurn on the progress of music/sound as a whole, above all, focus on the music not the extraneous crap circling above it.