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Business of the Arts


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  Find out what it takes to be a professional musician, graphic artist or freelance copywriter.  Profiles

Getting that first gig and how working for free can help your career.  Business of the Arts  

Find out ways to liberate yourself from the service industry and how to live on an artist's budget. Ask Makin' Rent.

Recent Profiles

Noah Dahlien is  making Minnesota take notice with his incredible baritone voice.

Becca Sanborn writes and performs the songs that is making Portland, Oregon sing.

Pork Filled Players are  keeping the residents of Seattle, Washington in stitches.

Richard Knox is an artist who makes metal come alive.

Websites to Watch

Jennifer Weiner is the talented author behind the novels "Good in Bed" and "In Her Shoes".

Susan Brackney has written a  two great guides for  artistic folks entitled: "The Lost Soul Companion" and "The Not So Lost Soul Companion".

The band Fever Pitch started out playing in bars around Topeka, KS. Now, they are taking Los Angeles by storm.

Gala Moseevsky is a graphic artist and fashion designer at one. Author's artwork galleries suite: sketches, drawings, geometry shapes, embroidery ornaments, coloured graphics. Her creativity illustrates how art and fashion can be mutually beneficial.