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Name: Andy Lawler
Occupation: Talent agent

Andy's website





Q. What  inspired the creation of your website?

I've taught a lot of seminars, to people at different levels of 'beginning' a career. Real-world, honest, nuts and bolts talk about how the biz really works is something people don't ever get from traditional educational sources, even ones they pay tens of thousands of dollars to.

Q. What are some of the sacrifices that were made to establish yourself in your career?

Well, in NYC (it's a little different in LA), I had to start at the front desk
making about $300.00 a week (me with a law degree and all) and that was
hard. I was doing something I liked though, which makes it less painful.

Q. What are some of the benefits and challenges to working as an agent?

The benefits? Getting work in the biz, work with actors, maybe shape their
careers. The challenges? Increasingly this is an LA/Star/Beauty driven
industry. It's hard for talent to make a difference these days.

Q. What are some of the trends that you see occurring in show business in the next five years?

There seems to be a lot more work in TV and film, due to the cable explosion.   However there's a lot less money in it these days, and people are taking many fewer risks. This is true in theater as well, as Broadway tries to take tried and true subjects (like movies) and slop them on the stage. (The Producers and Lion King being rare exceptions.)  Actors have never mattered less in the equation.
As well, agents and managers are all but at war today. The line between them has blurred and actors will ultimately suffer.

Q. What advice do you have for  aspiring agents?

Go right from college, and don't worry about an MBA or JD. Everything you need to learn you can learn in the world. Aim High initially and go for one  of the big agencies. LA will have more opportunity.

Q. What are some of the biggest mistakes that aspiring agents make in the beginning of their careers?

Emulating the attitudes of their bosses.

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