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For all you filmmakers who still believe you have to have a huge budget to create the projects you want to jump start your career, think again. Three men in Los Angeles are producing one of the most creative and innovative internet shows on the net, no budget and no backing. Although with the product they are creating that won't be the case for long.


Bill Murphy, Sean Rourke and Kyle Devrindt all graduated from the College of Santa Fe's film department. Since moving to Los Angeles they have been working together to create This project is currently independent of any financial backing so like any beginning their career, they all work day jobs at a digital effects company. Using their surrounding resources and friends they have succeeded in producing a professional quality product all after the normal work day is over. They have effectively found the staff and equipment they need for productions through friends and coworkers. Their web design and editing facility were all composed in the apartment of Sean Rourke on his G4 and they use evenings and weekends rewriting the script, preparing shoots and editing the site. As for advertising, they have been using the internet and such large venues as the San Diego Comic Con as their almost free advertising. For the cost of the flyers, they were able to dramatically expand their audience, as well as intrigue some potential investors.

As overwhelming as this seems to anyone who has worked even on just a student film, the rewards are worth it. Bill Murphy believes that even if nothing ever comes of amanda, the fact is that he is doing what he always wanted. He said that there is no better feeling than getting off work everyday and knowing that the work he starts when he gets home is his own. As conservative as Murphy is about the future of their interactive program he and the others hope that amanda will be their vehicle into more creative work. Whether they find companies interested in buying the show, or even the talent behind it, these three have succeeded in setting an incredible example for all filmmakers trying to find their way through such a massively competitive industry.

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