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 A twist on a standard grill cheese sandwich. Change the flavor by using different cheeses. Change up the bread and add a few herbs


Insert picture of grilled cheese sandwich on a plate.



 Bread: This recipe works with almost any type of sliced bread. Give your sandwich more flavor using Sourdough bread, Italian bread and/or wheat bread.



Olive Oil: Kalmata olive oil gives the sandwich a smoky flavor.

Deli Meat: this works well using Thanksgiving leftovers. Thinly sliced deli chicken, beef or even portabella mushrooms.

Vegetables: Garlic, Shaillots, white onions,  and/or leeks.



 2 slices of  French bread

2 slices of Swiss Cheese

1/2 tbsp extra virgin oil

2-4 thinly sliced deli turkey

1/4 cup red onions

1/2 tbsp pepper


 Pour olive oil in the pan, along with the red onions. Saute for 2 minutes. Place in a small cocktail cup or saucer. Place the slice(s) of  cheese on top of the bread. Place in the pan open faced. Saute for 3 minutes. Use a pan cake turner to remove the bread from the pan and onto the plate. Turn off the burner. Place slices of deli turkey in the pan  and let it sizzle for two minutes. Remove from the pan. Place the red onions on top of the bread. Place the turkey on top of the red onions. Put both slices of bread together. Cut diagonally.